Contact Details and Map

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Name Position
Dr Frank Pitt College Principal
Dr Joanne Hack Assistant Principal - Dean of Mission and Innovation
Miss Emma Magill Assistant Principal - Dean of Pastoral Care
Mr Darren Grant Business Manager


Name Position
Mrs Kerri Harrigan Director of Teaching and Learning
Mrs Marie Pulford Director of Admissions, Marketing & Development
Mrs Terese Coleman HSIE Coordinator
Mrs Julia Choice Academic Care Coordinator
Mr Neil Quinn Science Coordinator
Mrs Katrina Wall MYP Coordinator
Ms Sarah Rossignol    Mathematics Coordinator
Mrs Mary Boyle Diverse Learning Needs Coordinator


Name Position
Mr Michael Bee Bashir House Coordinator
Mr Adam Everatt Sullivan House Coordinator
Ms Katie Fitzgerald Gibbons House Coordinator
Mr Stephen Goldrick Creative Arts Coordinator
Mrs Norina Todhunter Social Justice Coordinator
Ms Lisa Lockett Performance Coordinator
Ms Louise Markwell Acting VET Coordinator
Dr Sharon Holdsworth Kelly House Coordinator
Mr Grant Lechner Pastoral Administration Coordinator
Ms Kathy Vidal SEQTA Educator
Mrs Jane McDonald Religious Education Coordinator
Ms Karen Morris Lyons House Coordinator
Mrs Patricia O'Gorman Pastoral Administration Coordinator
Mrs Deborah Preeo PD/H/PE Coordinator
Mrs Tanya Robertson TAS Coordinator
Ms Christine Rutherford PLC Coordinator
Mr Scott Selby Ungunmerr-Baumann House Coordinator
Mrs Veneeta Sheehan Hayes House Coordinator
Ms Lisa Kendell Coordinator of Educational Data and Reports
Mrs Belinda Sparks Sports Coordinator
Mr Michael Timpano Language Coordinator
Mr David Woolnough Administration Coordinator
Mrs Lesley Worrall Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Toni Smith Foley House Coordinator
Mrs Denise Templeman English Coordinator, Years 7 to 10
Ms Candace Fennell English Coordinator, Years 11 to 12


Name Position
Jane Edwards Principal's PA
Student Office Student Office
College Reception Reception
Mr Martin Janiszewski ICT Systems Manager
Mrs Rosina Dowsett Fees Coordinator
Mrs Lesley Smith Enrolment Officer